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BaByliss Berry Crush Wand

Cone-shaped wand for perfect waves

BaByliss Berry Crush Wand

Cone-shaped wand for perfect waves

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  • Stylish rose gold finish and compact design
  • No-slip grips for fast styling
  • Longer wand for waving long hair
  • 30 heat settings to choose from, up to 210°C/410°F
  • Quartz-ceramic barrel heats up fast
  • Ideal as your everyday hair curler

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The BaByliss Berry Crush Wand is an extra-long curling wand with a cone-shaped barrel for creating great-looking waves on longer lengths. Choose one of the 30 heat settings for the precise styling temperature you need for long-lasting curls without damage. The temperature ranges from 150°C/302°F - 210°C/410°F. Plus, this wand features a non-slip grip so you can style even faster than before.

You'll love the finish on this BaByliss hair curler too. The BaByliss Berry Crush Wand's beautiful deep cherry colour with rose gold accents looks stunning alone or with the whole set. Use the BaByliss Berry Crush Wand as your daily heat styling tool for effortless, bouncy waves that hold up all day.

Inkluderat i Paketet

  • BaByliss Berry Crush Wand
  • Universal Heat Glove
  • Heat Protective Mat

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why it works

The BaByliss Berry Crush Wand helps you get the style you want every day with its smart features. First, the quartz-ceramic barrel with advanced ceramics heating tech is designed to heat up fast and stay hot during your whole session. And with 30 temperature settings to choose from, you're sure to get just the right heat.

Then, it's got Non-slip Wrap Control™ to make styling easier. Plus, the barrel is even longer than most BaByliss hair curlers so you can get even long hair can be curled in one pass. Just section your hair, wrap it around, hold for a few seconds and release lovely, voluminous waves. Use it every day with your favourite heat protectant.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Section and detangle your dry hair.

Step 2: Pick your heat level and wait for it to stop flashing.

Step 3: Loop a section around from base to tip, hold.

Step 4: Release after 8-10 seconds. Repeat with the next section.

Step 5: Switch off, allow to cool. Store.

make it personal

The BaByliss Berry Crush Wand is your partner in the fight against heat damage. With 30 different settings to choose from, pick the lowest heat your hair needs to retain a curl. Fine and thin hair will need less heat.

Thick and curly hair will need more. Experiment to find your perfect temperature by starting low and increasing. And use with a heat protection cream or spray for even better results.

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Additional Information

Key Features:

Up to 210°C/410°F

25mm-13mm conical shaped barrel

Quartz-ceramic finish Advanced

Ceramics heating system

30 heat settings from 150°C/302°F - 210°C/410°F

Extra-long barrel

Auto shut off

Heat glove

2.5m swivel cord

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