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Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

Pain-relieving pressure point mat

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Baserat på 4 recensioner

Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

Pain-relieving pressure point mat

Betyg 5.0 av 5
Baserat på 4 recensioner

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  • Banish pain, sleep better and relieve stress with acupressure treatments
  • Get rid of toxins and release feel-good chemicals in 20 minutes a day
  • An acupressure treatment isn't painful and uses no needles
  • Nearly twice as many rounded nails as other beds for more comfort
  • Planet-loving, made with organic cotton, no glue and non-toxic plastic
  • Use for 20 minutes a day to reduce significant pain in just 3 weeks

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Vår Expertsynpunkt

The Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat taps into the history of acupressure - the practice of pressing on pressure points to relieve pain or stress - but makes it accessible for the modern home.

By laying on this bed of rounded plastic nails, your bodyweight activates the pressure points in your back to relieve tension, promote happy hormone release and aid in sleeping. It's based on the same concepts as acupuncture, but nothing penetrates your skin.

Just a 20 minute treatment can provide benefits for sufferers of insomnia, back or neck pain, hypertension and more.

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  • Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

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Why it works

The Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat works by applying even pressure across the body to relieve pain and stress. The PU foam mat provides a soft surface holding 8,820 precision acupressure nails made of 100% non toxic and recyclable HIPS plastic that's melted onto the organic cotton fabric; not glued.

This mat allows you to do more comfortable acupressure at home since it has nearly 2 times as many nails. More nails means a more even bodyweight spread for a more gentle (yet still highly-effective) treatment.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Roll out your mat onto the floor, sofa, chair or bed.

Step 2: Lay your body evenly on the mat or against the mat where it hurts for up to 20 minutes. Use with clothes or on bare skin.

Step 3: When finished, drink water to hydrate and flush toxins.

Step 4: Hand wash, hang dry and store your mat.

make it personal

Where and for how long you use your acupressure mat will change the treatments. Lean against the mat while in a chair for a lighter-touch and for stress-relief before sleep. Or use on a hard surface like the floor for a more intensive treatment.

Allow it to release endorphins and other hormones in to your body, to give you a feeling like a runner’s high over your 20-minute session.

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Additional Information

・ 8,820 precision acupressure nails (210 x "42-nails" acupressure plates) made of

・ 100% non toxic recyclable HIPS plastic melted (no glue is used) onto

・ 100% organic cotton fabric

・ PU Foam

・ Dimensions: 16.5" x 28.5" x 1"

Care instructions
Hand wash only in lukewarm water. Rinse by hanging and shower off. Let hang dry.

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It's doing something!

I use this in the evening, last thing before I go to bed. It totally relaxes and makes me sleepy regardless of what I have doing prior to this. Since using it, Ive noticed my lower back hurts less (I stand all day for work and at the end of the day my lower back is quite painful and stuff). My husband uses it as he thought it could help with his aches and pains. It works less so for him but he does find it helps to relax him. Maybe it's all psychological for me but if it is working as a placebo for me I'll keep using it!

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