Hayo'u The Beach Ready Gift Set

Gua sha beach body massage kit

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    Det Viktigaste

    • Use Chinese medicine to banish cellulite
    • Remove excess water, boost circulation and tighten skin
    • Use over clothes or with the companion body oil
    • Everything you need for a gua sha body massage in one kit
    • Invigorating for skin and scalp
    • Use daily for more firm, toned skin

    2 Year Warranty Official Hayo'u Retailer

    Vår Expertsynpunkt

    Gua sha body massage uses lymphatic drainage and pressure point stimulation to contour the body and firm the skin.

    This rejuvenating ritual is trusted in Chinese medicine to reduce cellulite, fight inflammation and eliminate water retention. It's made from precious Jade which is significant for its healing properties within Chinese medicine.

    Use every day for just a few minutes, either over your clothes or with the included Hayo'u Body Oil. Over time, enjoy tighter & brighter skin, reduced cellulite and less puffiness.


    • Hayo’u Jade Body Comb
    • Hayo’u 15ml Body Oil
    • Hayo’u Pouch

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    Why it works

    More blood flow is good because it promotes healing. Gua sha massage uses pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage, to help firm your skin by eliminating toxins, stimulating the muscles and moving waste around the body.

    Reveal a firmer, more-youthful complexion with Hayo'u The Beach-Ready Kit in time for summer. The Hayo'u Jade Body Comb helps to fight cellulite and bingo wings and when you use it with the Hayo'u Body Oil enjoy an uplifting aromatic experience with lotus flower, frankincense and ylang ylang

    With daily use, skin looks plumper and more nourished with less visible cellulite or sagging skin. You'll never miss a session. The Hayo'u The Beach-Ready Kit makes it easy to travel with gua sha.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Smooth on a layer of Hayo'u Body Oil to thighs, tummy, arms.

    Step 2: Use the Hayo'u Jade Body Comb on the belly from the outsides in, then in firm downward strokes on bingo wings and on your thighs.

    Step 3: Repeat 8 times per movement. Do both sides of your body.

    Step 4: Store after washing in your Hayo'u Pouch. Use daily.

    make it personal

    For an instant lift, less water retention, less cellulite and less sagging skin; use daily.

    Take the Hayo'u The Beach-Ready Kit with you anywhere for a quick pick me up of gua sha on the go. It's easy to carry out a treatment at the gym, poolside or office.

    You can use over clothes or with the Hayo'u Body Oil for even better results. Stroke your way to firmer skin in just a few minutes per day.

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