CurrentBody Skin Four Piece LED Kit

The ultimate bundle for glowing skin

CurrentBody Skin Four Piece LED Kit

CurrentBody Skin Four Piece LED Kit

Anti-ageing system for all visible skin

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    Det Viktigaste

    • Turn back the clock on hands, neck, chest and face
    • 35% less wrinkles in just 4 weeks
    • 95% saw better texture, firmness, tightness and tone
    • Effective LED light therapy with red and near infrared
    • Treat all visible skin with original flexible LED mask + LED device trio bundle
    • Use for 10 minutes each, 3-5 times a week

    2 Year Warranty Over 50¸000 CurrentBody Skin products sold worldwide

    Landing the Experts in LED Message

    Light emitting diode (LED) light therapy is a modern marvel, pioneered by NASA and transformed by us. We're determined to make these treatments effective and affordable for everyone at home. And our original flexible LED light therapy mask is beloved by A-listers and influencers because it's simple and it works.

    In this bundle, we're combining 4 revolutionary LED products into a single system for complete visible skin anti-ageing. Hit your problem spots on the face, hands, neck and chest for better looking skin in under a month. The CurrentBody Skin LED 4-Piece Kit has everything you need for more youthful skin everywhere that matters.

    How It Works

    The CurrentBody Skin LED 4-Piece Kit includes the beloved CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, accompanying CurrentBody Skin Neck & Dec Perfector, handy CurrentBody Skin LED Precision and intuitive CurrentBody Skin LED Hand Perfector for the ultimate system.

    With just 10 minutes per day, these devices can reveal 35% less wrinkles in 4 weeks and near-universally praised better-looking tone, texture, firmness and tightness everywhere that's on show. Turn back time on your hands, face, chest and neck.

    LED light therapy is trusted worldwide for its proven anti-ageing benefits and you can see the same results as a salon LED treatment in the comfort of your own home with the CurrentBody Skin LED 4-Piece Kit as it covers all the same focus areas.

    The devices are specifically-tuned to ensure your LED light therapy at home has the right wavelengths of red LED light therapy for skin to help you realise the full range of benefits. LED light therapy benefits include increased collagen and elastin without that salon price tag.

    It's as easy as...

    Step 1: Prep your skin.

    Step 2: Choose which device you'll use from the 4 LED light therapy devices included in this bundle.

    Step 3: Follow the 10-20 minute treatment programme for the device.

    Step 4: Repeat with the next device or clean and store your devices.

    Make It Personal

    The CurrentBody Skin LED 4-Piece Kit puts all the power in your hands to get red light therapy results you can see in just 4 weeks. Have a particular problem area? Use the precision tool to layer on additional micro-focused treatments anywhere you need them. Once you've reached the peak skin benefit, you can maintain it by making the CurrentBody Skin LED 4-Piece Kit a part of your weekly skin care rituals.

    What's included

    • CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask
    • Soft carrying bag
    • CurrentBody skin Neck & Dec Perfector
    • Velcro straps x 2
    • CurrentBody skin LED Precision
    • Travel pouch
    • Safety goggles
    • CurrentBody skin LED Hand Perfector
    • USB Charging Cables
    • User manuals

    As Seen As

    Nina Garcia, Kaley Cuoco, Suki Waterhouse, Adwoa Aboah and Carey Mulligan all love our LED mask. They trust it to give them 'red carpet ready' skin.

    Done In 10

    No one has time for long treatments, but with CurrentBody skin LED range, you're finished in 10 minutes. And you get results that really wow.

    Skin Cure

    The CurrentBody Skin LED 4-Piece Kit treats sagging skin, uneven skin tone, redness, dullness, wrinkles, fine lines and minor skin concerns. Use for just 10 minutes, 3-5 times a week.

    Easy To Use

    All of our CurrentBody Skin LED 4-Piece Kit devices are simple to use. Just strap them on or hold them against your skin for a stress-free treatment experience.


    The tech for LED light therapy actually comes from NASA. And it's been used in skincare applications since the 70s, so you know the science works.

    Life-changing Results

    The CurrentBody Skin LED 4-Piece Kit devices have hundreds of reviews from people like you who've seen major improvements in their skin. Check out the before and after images for results that will shock you.


    Celebrity Makeup artist Dana Hamel preps Renée Zellweger for the Golden Globes:

    "Here is one of my secrets to radiant skin while working with Renée for the Golden Globes;

    I recommend LED and infrared light therapy to all my clients and use it in conjunction with every facial I give. The CURRENTBODY LED Light Therapy Mask allows you to do that at home or in the studio.

    It’s a safe and effective way to increase circulation and stimulate collagen helping to reduce wrinkles. It also helps kill bacteria and decrease inflammation. Doesn’t get much better or easier than that!"

    Additional Information

    Our CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy products are FDA-cleared as safe and effective at-home beauty devices. Cleared in 2019 by the FDA, our mask is especially one of the only LED masks cleared for the treatment of wrinkles in the world.


    DO NOT use this device to treat any other conditions apart from those listed in the indications for use. This device has not been tested for any other conditions than those listed, and the risk is unknown.

    DO NOT use this device if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding. This device has NOT been tested on pregnant or breast-feeding women and therefore the risk to the foetus, neonate or pregnant women is unknown.

    DO NOT use this device if you suffer from Lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema or Albinism. If you use this device system to treat Lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema or Albinism you may cause a severe skin reaction.

    DO NOT use this device if you suffer from any photosensitive disorder (sensitisation to light). If you use this device and you suffer from a photosensitive disorder you may cause a severe skin reaction.

    DO NOT use the device if you suffer from light-induced headaches.

    DO NOT use the device if you suffer from any genetic conditions of the eye.

    DO NOT use this device if you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity. If you use this device and you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity you may cause a severe skin reaction. Photosensitivity is a common side effect of various medications. These can include certain antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and diuretics. If you are unsure about any medication you may be taking consult your healthcare provider. Other substances not listed above can also cause photosensitivity. Common examples of these substances are St John’s Wort, Coal tar, deodorants, antibacterial soaps, artificial sweeteners, naphthalene (moth balls), petroleum products, brightening agents found in laundry detergent, and cadmium sulphide (a chemical injected into the skin during tattooing.


    Before carrying out your first treatment you must carry out a sensitivity test. Follow the step by step guide below;

    1. Place the device over your inner arm.

    2. Switch ON the controller and allow the device to run for its full 10-minute treatment program. The device will automatically switch off after 10 minutes.

    3. At any time if your skin feels HOT or uncomfortable STOP using the device immediately.

    4. After the treatment wait at least 6 hours. If the skin on your inner arm appears red and/or itchy the device is unsuitable for you.

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