• Globus Genesy 1500
  • Globus Genesy 1500

Globus Genesy 1500

A professional electrical muscle stimulator

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  1. 1 Genesy Globus 1500 device - Default title
  2. 1 Carrying Case
  3. 4 Electrode Connection Cables
  4. 1 Charger
  5. 4 Electrodes mm 50 x 50
  6. 4 Electrodes mm 50 x 90
  7. 1 User Manual
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      What you need to know:

      • Professional range of electrostimulators
      • Replicates natural movement in the key areas of concern
      • Complete with personalised programs
      • Perfect for toning and firming
      • Complete with 23 microcurrents
      • Customise your treatment with 4 different channels

      Our Expert View

      A professional electrostimulator, this expert product comes complete with all the currents used in the medical and rehabilitation field. Complete with new technologies such as 3S and Action Now, it’s perfect for treating a range of issues relating to sports and fitness, rehabilitation and incontinence. The Globus Genesy 1500’s S3 serial sequential stimulation creates contractions which encourage lymphatic drainage, natural drainage of the lymph, which helps your body to get rid of toxins.

      A sophisticated electrical muscle stimulator, the Globus Genesy 1500 features some of the most advanced technology, ensuring the product is user-friendly and completely safe to use. This includes; 1 Rehabilitation, 33 Pain-Tens, 23 Microcurrents, 9 Denervation, 6 Interferentials, 3 Incontinence, 1 Ionophoresis, 53 Sport Training, 29 Fitness, 16 Beauty, 92 Electrotherapy Menu, 84 Action Now, 54 Serial Sequential Stimulation “3S”.

      Additional Information


      - Do not stimulate the neck region

      - Do not use if you have a demand type pacemaker

      - Do not use if you are receiving cancer treatment, seek medical advice from your oncologist

      - Do not use on undiagnosed pains until aetiology is established

      - Do not use on sores and dermatological diseases

      - Do not use on acute traumas

      - Do not stimulate recent scarring or stitches

      - Do not use during pregnancy

      - Do not use while driving

      - Do not use across the eye or genital areas

      - Do not use the Globus device in water or in an environment where combustible gas, inflammables or pure oxygen is present

      - Use with caution, as excessive stimulation could break fragile capillaries

      - Always consult a doctor prior to using the device

      Skin irritation can occur on rare occasions. If you have an allergic reaction to the gel, stop using the device and contact a specialist doctor. If you start to have palpitations during the treatment, it's better to stop treating and the sensation will pass immediately.

      What's in the box?

      1. 1 Genesy Globus 1500 device
      2. 1 Carrying Case
      3. 4 Electrode Connection Cables
      4. 1 Charger
      5. 4 Electrodes mm 50 x 50
      6. 4 Electrodes mm 50 x 90
      7. 1 User Manual
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