OLIVIEREWILSON Microneedling Hair Tool 0.5mm

Build fuller hair, faster

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    Det Viktigaste

    • Lose less hair by building stronger follicles
    • Even longer microneedles than the original .3mm tool for better results
    • With weekly use, see fuller hair in 2 months
    • Great for male and female pattern baldness sufferers
    • Can be used with numbing cream to dull sensations
    • Lose less hair with weekly use of these sterile, medical-grade microneedles

    2 year warranty Official Oliviere Wilson Retailer

    Vår Expertsynpunkt

    Dermatologists have long trusted the effects of microneedling on the face and body. The effect is the same on your scalp. Tiny needles stimulate your scalp to make more collagen. Your follicles need collagen to keep their grip on your hair. And losing less hair means a fuller look. Use alone, or get even better results when combined with a hair growth factor serum. In just two months, you'll see visible results.


    • Oliviere Wilson Hair Microneedling Tool 0.5mm
    • Protective storage case
    • Sanitising Spray 50ml

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    Why it works

    Compared to the .3mm model, the Oliviere Wilson Hair Microneedling Tool 0.5mm version penetrates deeper. As the microneedles go into your scalp a repair response is triggered. Part of that response is for the body to make more collagen and other helpful skin juices. Since these needles are longer, the positive effects are developed in even more skin layers. Collagen is needed for strong hair follicles. So, with weekly use, you'll see you lose less hair. Less in the shower, on your pillow or in your brush. And that means your hair will look fuller. It's a great option for those suffering with pattern baldness who want to keep the hair they have.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1. If using a serum, apply that before using the Oliviere Wilson Hair Microneedling Tool 0.5mm.

    Step 2. In the first month, use once a week. Then twice a week from month two.

    Step 3. Tie your damp hair back and work vertically for 5-7 passes.

    Step 4. Now tie your hair up and run horizontally for another 5-7 passes.

    Step 5. Store after cleaning with sanitizing spray.

    make it personal

    Combine your Oliviere Wilson Hair Microneedling Tool 0.5mm with hair growth serums to increase its effectiveness or use alone for dermarolling on the go. In just 2 months of once or twice a week rolling, you'll find you're losing less hair. Your hair will look fuller too.

    Additional Information


    For external use only. Store in the protective case provided. Do not use on open wounds, irritated skin or if the needles appear damaged. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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    Absolutely no difference. Been using since 3 month.

    These things do not work. Ive been using it for months every week and I cannot see absolutely any improvement, not much more glow nor brightness nor texture improvement. Not even small improvements, nothing. Im only left to believe is just an overpriced device capitalising on social media trends.

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