PMD Clean Pro Gold

Cleansing and anti-ageing device

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    Det Viktigaste

    • Daily cleansing device suitable for all skin types
    • Breaks down and lift aways dirt and oil from the pores
    • Emits 7000 vibrations per minute for an effective cleanse
    • Helps to life, firm and tone the complexion
    • Waterproof, ergonomic design
    • Made from antibacterial, hypoallergenic silicone

    2 Year Warranty Official PMD Retailer

    Vår Expertsynpunkt

    This cleansing device also doubles up as an anti-ageing treatment, with soft silicone bristles on one side and a 24K gold plated massager on the other.

    Emitting 7000 vibrations per minute and with 4 intensity modes to choose from, this ergonomic design effectively breaks down and lifts away dirt and oil from your pores. The device operates at the perfect frequency for sculpting, lifting and toning your complexion too for a more youthful appearance.

    Made from hypoallergenic, antibacterial silicone, the PMD Clean Pro Gold minimises the appearance of blackheads and regulates oil production. Plus it's head never needs replacing, making it an ultimate hassle-free cleansing solution.


    • PMD Clean Pro Gold
    • Storage Case
    • Charging Cord

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    OM OSS



    The brand's SonicGlow technology effectively breaks down dirt and oil from within your pores by emitting 7000 vibrations per minute. This high frequency is also perfect for lifting and toning your complexion, helping to firm up ageing skin and reveal a much younger appearance.

    The 24K gold plated facial massager harnesses ActiveWarmth Facial Massage technology to increase your skincare absorption. The gentle heat therapy can be used with your favourite serum or even over face masks to boost their effectiveness, infusing active ingredients deep into the skin.

    24K GOLD

    Use the 24K gold massager to massage in and boost the absorption of your favourite serums. Gold is known for its anti-inflammatory properties ans also helps to increase elasticity and is also effective at hydrating the skin. The results? Deeply cleansed, nourished skin and a more youthful appearance.


    Step 1: Rinse your face with warm water and apply cleanser to the device.

    Step 2: Wet the device and turn it on.

    Step 3: Move the brush head in circular motions all over your face.

    Step 4: Rinse your face with water and pat dry.

    Step 5: Apply your favourite skincare to the silver side of the device, using mode 3 or 4 to turn on the massage treatment.

    Step 6: Move gently around the face to naturally lift and firm your complexion.

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