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PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

An at-home microdermabrasion device to exfoliate and smooth skin

Betyg 4.9 av 5
Baserat på 9 recensioner

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

An at-home microdermabrasion device to exfoliate and smooth skin

Betyg 4.9 av 5
Baserat på 9 recensioner

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  • Offers the same results as professional clinic treatments
  • Variety of heads making it the most customisable device of its kind
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and large pores
  • Uses TruTier™ technology to exfoliate skin and clear pores
  • 3 intensity settings and a range of disc heads
  • Ideal for all skin types including sensitive

2 Year Warranty Official PMD Retailer
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Microdermabrasion is a popular in-clinic beauty treatment that rids the skin of dead skin cells, impurities and more. And PMD Beauty's range of microdermabrasion devices mean you can benefit from this in the comfort of your own home. Their latest offering - the Elite Pro device - comes with a variety of disc heads for all kinds of skin too, making it the most customisable device of its kind.

It works by creating a gentle vacuum effect to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin and remove dirt, oil and residue build up. With 3 speed settings, you can tailor each treatment to your skin too. Regular use every week will reduce blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, and enlarged pores.

Inkluderat i Paketet

  • Personal Microderm Elite Pro, Face, Body, & Blackhead Caps
  • Extended Range of Discs - Sensitive Blue Face Disc, Moderate Green Face Disc, Very Coarse Red Face Disc, Ultra Sensitive White Face Disc, and Very Sensitive Grey Face Disc.
  • Charger & Case

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Microdermabrasion has a number of benefits for your skin. These include fewer fine lines and wrinkles, better hydration, improved skin tone and texture, less dark spots and smaller pores.

As well as this, removing dead skin cells and blocked pores will improve the efficacy of any additional skincare products and treatments. In fact, once the top layer of dead skin cells has been removed, skincare products can penetrate 20x deeper.


The PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro device uses patented spinning discs embedded with aluminium oxide crystals to exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin’s surface layer. This then stimulates new cell growth and reveals instantly brighter skin. A gentle vacuum suction helps to remove any impurities that are blocking pores. This also increases circulation and triggers a natural healing process in the skin, boosting collagen and elastin as it does. Skin is left feeling clear, firm, and radiant.


As the most customisable microdermabrasion device, you can choose from a range of disc heads and settings to create the perfect at-home facial for you. Simply select the appropriate disc head depending on your skin type - from ultra sensitive to very intense - and then choose your preferred intensity settings.


Both devices give you an excellent microdermabrasion treatment at home. However, the main difference is the speed settings. The Elite Pro has 3 levels and a range of discs making it a suitable at-home treatment for a wide range of skin types.


Step 1: Choose your disc head. Screw the cap on tightly.

Step 2: Turn the device on and select your intensity level. Use the + button to do this.

Step 3: Gently glide the device over your skin, quickly, in an upward direction. It’s important that you don’t apply pressure or pause in one area.

Step 4: Once the treatment has finished, it’s advised that you spray toner over the treatment area to restore the skin’s pH balance. Apply your favourite moisturiser to keep your skin nourished and hydrated too.


This device is incredibly easy to use and is cord-free and rechargeable. This means you’re not restricted and can treat your face and body without limit. It’s also really comfortable to hold, thanks to its ergonomic design.

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Additional Information

Measurements 1.56” x 1.56” x 6.9”

Weight 6.9 oz


Do not use this device is you have recently used chemical peels or products containing acids. This may cause skin to be too sensitive.

Before it is safe to use the Personal Microderm, you must discontinue use of these products for at least 7 days.

Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you are unsure that the Personal Microderm is suitable for your skin.

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