Sarah Chapman Skinesis The Bodylift

Toning & soothing body massager

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    Det Viktigaste

    • Sculpt, smooth and define your limbs
    • Reduce inflammation & relax muscles
    • Drain toxins & improve skin appearance
    • Contour upper arms, thighs, bum & calves
    • 12 heads and 72 massaging nodes
    • Use daily to tone and soothe body

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    Vår Expertsynpunkt

    Sarah Chapman The Bodylift is an easy to use tool to minimise water retention, drain toxins, contour the body and relieve tension for better tone and skin appearance. Use it on the bum, thighs, arms and calves to drain your lymph and bring nutrients to the surface through increased blood flow.

    For added hydration, apply body oil or lotion before pushing and pulling Sarah Chapman The Bodylift over your limbs in a gentle raking pattern. In just a few minutes a day, see firmer contours and less puffiness with a better complexion all over.

    The 12 heads and 72 massaging nodes touch, destress and soothe all over for a more refined shape. When you're done, just wash Sarah Chapman The Bodylift with warm soapy water and let it air dry for tomorrow's ritual. It's safe for all skin types and tones.


    • Sarah Chapman Skinesis The Bodylift tool
    • Instructions

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    why it works

    Sarah Chapman The Bodylift works through massage and lymphatic drainage. The first helps to relieve tension and increase circulation to the shallower skin depths. And lymphatic drainage moves fluids around the body and removes toxins for a depuffed appearance.

    This tool combines these two treatments into the same sort of results you'd get from a salon professional. With daily use, see bingo wings improved, your bum contoured, calves smoothed, thighs toned and more.

    Use alone or with a body oil to push and pull over these areas. With 6 repetitions per area, see an instant glow from the improved circulation and toning results that build over time. When you're done, just wash with soap and water.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Apply body oil or lotion if desired.

    Step 2: Grab the handle and push/pull over limbs & bum.

    Step 3: Repeat 6 times per area.

    Step 4: Wash with soap and water, let dry.

    make it personal

    The Sarah Chapman The Bodylift can be used on all your limbs and your bum to contour, shape, refine and improve the look of your skin. Reduce puffiness, tone bingo wings, smooth dimples and better your skin in just a few minutes per day, with or without body oil.

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    Additional Information

    To clean: Wash in warm soapy water.

    If you have any health problems, skin conditions or your skin is fragile, consult your doctor before use. Not to be used on the face and neck. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if discomfort, irritation or pain occurs. Not to be used by children.

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