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Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Pad 2.0 Refill

Extra pads for PowerDot 2.0

Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Pad 2.0 Refill

Extra pads for PowerDot 2.0

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  • Each pad is good for 25-30 sessions
  • Cables attach magnetically
  • 2 rectangle pads
  • 4 round pads
  • Skin-friendly adhesive
  • For PowerDot 2.0 only

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The Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Replacement Pads 2.0 are PowerDot replacement pads for the PowerDot 2.0 model only. While you'll get 25-30 uses per pad on average, you can increase this by wiping your skin down with an alcohol pad before your treatments. And if you see any dust or dirt on the Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Replacement Pads 2.0, wipe them down too.

The Therabody PowerDot device connects to these pads magnetically so there's less faffing about. And with 2 rectangle-shaped pads and 4 round pads in every pack, you're set for a wide range of treatments with the Uno or the Duo. Manage period pain, back pain, cramps, muscle soreness and boost recovery with the PowerDot 2.0 device.

The skin-friendly adhesive on the Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Replacement Pads 2.0 makes it easy to get a secure placement for each kind of treatment, even on vertical muscle groups. Just connect the device to your phone, place the PowerDot Magnetic Replacement Pads 2.0 as shown in the programme image and relax for 20-30 minutes.

Inkluderat i Paketet

  • 1 x Therabody PowerDot Electrode pad set (2 rectangle, 4 round)

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Why it works?

The Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Replacement Pads 2.0 work with a skin-safe adhesive that's ultra long-lasting. You'll get 25-30 uses out of your Therabody PowerDot replacement pads. To make them last even longer, use them on clean dry skin. Wiping down with an alcohol pad can help. And don't let dirt and debris build up on the sticky side of the pads either.

You can use an alcohol wipe on them to prevent this too. When you use the Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Replacement Pads 2.0 with your Therabody PowerDot 2.0 device, you're harnessing proven muscle stimulation practices to aid recovery, promote pain relief and improve your performance in just 20 minutes daily per muscle group. Leave period pain, muscle soreness, cramps, aches, back pain and more in the past.

Stock up on Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Replacement Pads 2.0 for years of treatments with your PowerDot 2.0 device. Each pack contains a complete set of 4 round pads and 2 rectangle pads that magnetically connect to the device cables for fast setup with each treatment. To replace all the pads on your DUO or UNO, you only need 1 pack.

It's simple as

Step 1: Get the app and pair your device to the pods.

Step 2: Choose your treatment programme & area.

Step 3: Place the pads on your body as shown.

Step 4: Pop the cables and pod on magnetically. Adjust your power level.

Step 5: When your treatment is done, turn off and store.

Additional Information

The Therabody app integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health to learn from your activity and deliver personalised suggestions around how to use your Theragun products.


Rectangular Pad Dimensions

9 cm x 5 cm (3.5 in x 2 in)

Round Pad Dimensions

5.5 cm diameter (2.1 in diameter)


0.02 kg (0.05 lbs)


Hydrogel adhesive


PowerDot 2.0 only


Do not apply stimulation near the area of an implant, such as a cochlear implant, pacemaker, electrical or skeletal anchorage implants or any other active implanted or body-worn devices. Such as electric shock, burns, implantable/body-worn device malfunction due to electrical interference or death.

Do not apply stimulation near metal. Remove any removal metallic product.

If pregnant or menstruating, do not place electrodes directly over the uterus or connect pairs of electrodes across the abdomen.

Do not apply stimulation while sleeping.

You may experience headaches or other painful sensations during or after the application of electrical stimulation near the eyes and to your head face.

Some people with very sensitive skin may experience redness under the pads after the stimulation session.

For the full list of warning and safety guidelines please refer to the instruction manual which comes with this product.

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