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Therabody Wave Roller

Smart, vibrating foam roller

Therabody Wave Roller

Smart, vibrating foam roller

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Det Viktigaste

  • 12 inches of app-controlled vibration for large areas
  • Made with noise-reducing, hypoallergenic foam
  • Faster recovery with wave textured foam plus vibrations
  • Create and save up to 5 vibration frequencies
  • Follow the app programmes for targeted treatments
  • Use anytime to relieve tension and pain

2 Year Warranty Official Therabody Retailer
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Vår Expertsynpunkt

The Therabody Wave Roller uses foam rolling and vibration therapy to move your muscles and skin to drain fluids and increase blood flow for healing. Not only is it relaxing, the advanced wave texture of this muscle roller adds new pressure points too.

Since it's 12 inches long, it can help you get even the largest muscle groups; like glutes, traps and hamstrings, improving movement and range of motion. Combine with the Theragun Prime or other muscle massager gun for a more rapid recovery.

Inkluderat i Paketet

  • Therabody Wave Roller
  • Protective carrying pouch
  • Power adapter

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Why it works

Most foam rollers don't have 5 speed settings or an app to help you get the most from your treatment. And the 3 hours of battery life makes it so portable.

Fight germs with this massage roller made out of Hypo-Allergenic EVA High-Density Foam that's cleaner and more supportive than other kinds of foam.

Go beyond the standard at home massager and choose a massage roller that uses pressure points and vibration therapy to give you quick relief.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Turn on the Therabody Wave Roller and sync with the app if you wish.

Step 2: Use the plus button for higher vibrations or control with the app.

Step 3: Put the foam roller underneath where you'd like treatment and slide your body up and down it.

Step 4: Try different programmes in the app or different manual pressures for custom results. When you're done, turn off and store it.

make it personal

Totally customise your foam rolling experience with 5 vibration settings or connect to the app for bespoke programmes.

Target any areas of concern with unique routines like upper back, thigh, upper arm, buttocks and more.

With 3 hours of battery life, you'll barely need to charge it. Enjoy everyday or whenever you need some muscle recovery.

Additional Information


Accessory Compatibility

Multi-Device Wireless Charger


12.0 in x 5.1 in

(30 cm x 13 cm)


3.3 lbs

(1.5 kg)


Hypo-allergenic EVA high-density foam

Battery Life and Charge Time

180 minutes

Battery Type

12V Internal Lithium-ion Battery

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