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WetBrush Speed Dry Brush - Purple

Ultra-fast blow drying brush

WetBrush Speed Dry Brush - Purple

Ultra-fast blow drying brush

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  • Vented for faster drying
  • Heat-safe bristles
  • Detangling hair brush for all hair types
  • See 45% less hair breakage
  • Each stroke is 55% easier
  • Use for daily heat styling

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The WetBrush Speed Dry Brush features an ergonomic handle and sleek vented design. This allows you to get an even and fast blow dry in less time. Why? The WetBrush Speed Dry Brush allows air to easily circulate through the hair drying brush body.

And the bristles are resistant to high temperatures. So you can really amp up the heat for quick drying every day. It's safe for all hair types and textures.

Use with a range of heat tools like blow dryers, tongs and curlers to hold and smooth locks during styling.

The WetBrush Speed Dry Brush is perfect as part of your regular routine. It's designed to quickly heat style your damp hair and also provide finishing smoothing on dry strands.

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  • WetBrush Speed Dry Brush

Våra Skönhetsexperter är här för att hjälpa dig:

it's as simple as

Step 1: Section your hair into smaller pieces.

Step 2: Pull the strands through the WetBrush Speed Dry Brush while blow drying.

Step 3: When finished the brush can be used for final dry styling too.

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