SmoothSkin Pure Trans Review - 'Fantastic Hair Removal Device'

by Issy Luke

• 14 February 2022

The SmoothSkin Pure is the most powerful home-use hair removal device to quickly reduce unwanted hair forever. Powered by IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), it works by zapping the hair follicle, killing it with heat and eventually stopping the hair from entirely re-growing. It has won many Beauty Awards at magazines like OK!, Pure and even our own customer choice awards and you can understand why.

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Fantastic Hair Removal Device (Trans Review)

"Being transgender, hair removal is one of the first things many trans fem people do in the early stages of transition.

I did not want to spend thousands of £'s on laser hair removal privately and wanted an at-home solution that would save me lots of money. Being a full-time art student, I don't have a lot of free money lying around! I'm almost 30 and have medium brown hair on my legs and body. I wouldn't say my hair is super thick; it's relatively fine but evenly spread, haha. I would also like to remove the hair on my face and neck, but as this is quite auburn, IPL will not work on this type of hair.

Red pigment and blonde/grey hair will NOT respond to IPL. Electrolysis is the only way to remove hair of this type. If you have slightly red hair, but it is more brown, alexandrite lasers may work but may take many sessions, and you can only get this type of treatment at a laser clinic, not with an at-home device.

1. First, let's look at the packaging and the overall look of the product and user-friendliness. Fantastic. Its black, sleek design and simple settings make it super easy to use. I like that it measures your skin tone so the correct intensity can be used for every inch of your skin. For delicate areas, you can press a button with a feather symbol on it, and this will reduce the energy of the device further so that it's not too intense.

I have some areas on my thighs that are particularly sensitive, and this function has made the treatment very comfortable. The pulses are fast so that you can cover a large area quickly. This slows down slightly when the device heats up a good bit, but it is still fast enough to complete treatment in a reasonable amount of time.

2. Second, let's look at efficiency... does it work?? YES! It works! So looking at my hair type above, I would also like to add that I have very pale skin. I have been using this device since November 2021 and doing 1 treatment every 2 weeks.

LEGS: I have noticed about 40% reduction in hair so far, and with more consistent use, I am optimistic that I will be hair free in a couple more months!

BODY: I have noticed about a 60% reduction in hair growth here. My body seems to have responded much quicker for some reason which is fantastic! Again, I think I will have total hair reduction once I have completed a full 12 weeks of treatments, maybe a little more.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with this device, my hair seems to be responding very well to the treatment, and I am super confident that I will have a lovely smooth body in a few more months. And will only need to shave and do a treatment once a month to keep everything topped up. Before treatment, I had to shave my legs every 4 days. Now I only need to shave my legs every 10 days. The hair that does grow back grows is considerably slower, which is amazing. Hair removal no longer feels like a total chore!

Once every couple of weeks, shave... zap with this, and that's it for another couple of weeks. All in all, a total lifesaver! It's saved me an absolute fortune and has given me so much hope and confidence in myself and my transition! Worth every single little penny!!

I would have no hesitation recommending this to someone with a similar pale skin type and medium/dark brown hair type as myself. Unfortunately, I cannot speak for people with a deeper skin tone. I know that IPL can be a challenge for deeper skin tones, so I would recommend reading the information on this product and maybe even speaking with customer care before buying this product to ensure it has the best chance of working for you." (See Chart Below)

If you have any further questions about SmoothSkin’s collection of fast, safe and professional at-home devices, speak to our experienced team of Beauty Device Experts. They will help you find the perfect treatment or SmoothSkin device for your beauty concerns.

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