GloPRO: Before & After

by Andrea Deevey

• 31 May 2019

GloPRO: Before & AfterThere’s no doubt that microneedling has taken the beauty world by storm recently. Tried and tested by industry experts and celebrities alike, this unique treatment promises to give you a radiant glow and smoother skin. What’s more, it’s a non-invasive, medication-free solution that offers natural and lasting results. GloPRO is one of our newest brands and specialises in this very field. Using patented microneedling technology, their device has been clinically proven to visibly improve the signs of ageing.

CurrentBody | GloPRO: Before & AfterSo, what are the advantages to choosing a home treatment over a salon session? We spoke to the team over at BeautyBio about our most frequently asked questions, as well as sharing some incredible before and after results.

What are the benefits of microneedling compared to alternative anti-ageing solutions?

Microneedling has become the most popular anti-ageing treatment over the past couple of years. It’s the only treatment that unlocks the skin by vertically penetrating the cells. This in turn triggers your skin’s natural healing and collagen response. While treatments like microdermabrasion and derma planning are beneficial, the skin remains closed and impermeable. To actually tap into your skin’s rejuvenation response and create microchannels for active ingredients to absorb, vertical penetration is critical.

CurrentBody | Before & After

How effective is the device on improving skin’s appearance?

It can improve the skin dramatically, giving you visible results in just 30 days. We have a range of amazing testimonials and before and after imagery from real customers using the device across different areas of their face and body. The results really speak for themselves.

Will a GloPRO treatment hurt?

Part of GloPRO’s patent defines the density of needles, shape, material and angle, which allow the tool to be essentially painless. Most people describe the treatment as an invigorating tingle you can “feel” working in the skin. We recommend treating each area for a minute to properly stimulate the skin.

CurrentBody | GloPRO Before & After

Is it possible to “over needle” with GloPRO?

There is no need to apply additional pressure when using GloPRO. The weight of the tool will provide the proper stimulation needed. Because the skin forms a cushion, there need not be concern about needles penetrating deeper into the skin than originally intended. We recommend using GloPRO for a maximum of 5 minutes per area as there is no additional benefit provided with extended use. Skin will begin to feel flushed when treatment is complete. For best results, apply skincare topicals immediately after use. By applying actives while micro channels are still open, key ingredients are absorbed 200x more effectively and actives are locked into the skin.

How often should I use the device?

Regular daily exercise is more beneficial than irregular intense workouts, and the same logic applies here. Research shows that microneedling at least 3x per week at home provides superior outcomes to deeper in-office microneedling performed a few times a year. We recommend using between 2-3 times per week, but may be used nightly as tolerated.
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