Meet The CB Society

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• 05 December 2019

On a freezing Monday in October, we invited eight skincare enthusiasts to come and join the CurrentBody team to shoot the start of something special.

We brought together a former international model, a male skincare enthusiast, an economics student, a stay-at-home mum, a film producer, a fashion designer and an editor of an online magazine and created something magical.

Otherwise known as The CB Society.

Whilst they have all travelled different paths in life, are at different life stages and have completely different day-to-day routines, when it comes to beauty, they all have one thing in common - an undeniable passion for at-home beauty devices.

Whether you want to transform your skin with a cleansing device, tackle crows' feet in your 50s or lift a tired complexion - they’ll be a society member you can relate to who has tried and tested it.

Discover The CB Society and their favourite devices >

Why did we want to launch The CB Society?

At CurrrentBody, we’re unbelievably passionate about home-use beauty devices.

We wanted to create a community of beauty device enthusiasts who have tried and tested our devices, and can offer you honest advice on the results they’ve achieved.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent solution to hair removal, want to tackle a tired complexion or want to use a device to treat acne, we’ve handpicked our society members to show you that no matter what your concern, skin type, hair type or age - there’s a device to treat your concerns.

Over the next year, we will continue to grow this community. We’ll be inviting new members from all over the world to join in our mission to spread the word about the game-changing effects of home-use beauty and why everyone should own at least one device.

Want to be a part of it?

Passionate about skincare and would love to try and test beauty devices in return for feedback? If you want to be part of The CB Society, send us an email to with a picture of you and your favourite beauty device, telling us why you love it and what results you've achieved.

Who are they?


Follow at: @fightingfifty

Founder and editor of online magazine, Fighting Fifty, Tracey specialises in skincare for those over 50.

Discover the devices Tracey loves >


Follow her at : @thefashionablemummy

A former international fashion model, Alex graced the catwalks in Paris and New York before having her two gorgeous girls.

Discover the devices Alex loves >


Follow him at: @skincareshaun

A marketing manager by day and a ‘skinfluencer’ by night. Shaun runs a successful instagram page where he focuses on sharing his passion for male skin with his followers.

Discover the devices Shaun loves >


Follow her at @thesilverkat

A hairdresser by trade, Kat has been in the beauty business for over 30 years. A self-confessed shopaholic Kat is always looking to test the latest in beauty innovation.

Discover the devices Kat loves >


Follow her at @thisisthandie

An ambitious film producer, Thandie works long hours which means she needs devices that are hard-working and long-lasting.

Discover the devices Thandie loves >


Follow her at @daniellelousiehay

Using beauty as her escape when struggling from mental health, this mum’s skincare story is an inspirational as they come.

Discover the devices Danielle loves >


Follow her @irene_zzzzz

Originally from China but studying in Manchester, Irene takes inspiration from her Asian roots when it comes to skincare.

Discover the devices Irene loves >


Follow her at @tiasdoorstep

Holding down three jobs means that Tia’s skin needs some extra TLC to make sure she’s boardroom ready.

Discover the devices Tia loves >

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