Why TriPollar STOP Classic is perfect for preventing signs of ageing

by Carly Hibbins

• 24 February 2021

Skincare is evolving past traditional rejuvenation and the ‘fixing’ of ageing skin, to more preventative treatments that have been coined ‘prejuvenation’.

Many young people between the ages of 20-30 are taking a more active role when it comes to learning about and taking care of their skin, with many seeking invasive treatments to keep up their youthful appearances.

As a result, plastic surgeons are seeing an increasing number of patients under 30 visiting clinics for botox and fillers in a bid to delay the signs of ageing.

Read on as we lift the lid on all things ‘prejuvenation’ and show you the device which is perfect for those wanting to prevent ageing in their 20s.

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What is prejuvenation?

Prejuvenation is the act of preventing and delaying signs of skin ageing to preserve a youthful appearance. Many in-salon treatments such as microcurrent facials, radio frequency, microdermabrasion and chemical peels are started in the early 20s to increase collagen production, preserve elasticity and prevent the depletion of skin’s volume - all of which contribute to a younger-looking complexion.

So how does our skin begin to age in our 20s?

As we enter our twenties we produce 1% less collagen each year, by the time we reach our mid-twenties, this accelerates and we begin to lose elastin too. These are both responsible for keeping our skin firm and ‘bouncing’ back, keeping our faces plump and free from wrinkles.

You may start to notice that fine lines and dark circles begin forming around the eyes, skin begins to lose its elasticity, and your skin may dry out much quicker due to oil production decreasing.

The rate at which our skin cells regenerate also begins to slow down, resulting in dead skin cells building up on the surface. This results in a duller-looking complexion and in some cases an uneven skin tone.

What can I do to prevent my skin from ageing?

Looking after your skin in your 20s will significantly help you to prevent premature signs of ageing. During this time, your skin is susceptible to damage from a range of external factors such as sun damage, pollution, lack of sleep, alcohol and smoking. These are all known to trigger free radicals and cause oxidative stress to the skin.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr Whitney Bowe says "the reality is, the earlier you start taking care of your skin, then the better off you are when you get older."

A non-invasive solution

If you’re looking to kick-start your anti-ageing skincare routine, we at CurrentBody always encourage people to try non-invasive solutions first. This is important for our younger customers who don’t necessarily need to turn to intrusive treatments to preserve their youthful complexions.

One of most successful home-use technologies is radio frequency, making TriPollar STOP Classic the perfect device for those seeking preventative anti-ageing treatments, without turning to the needle. This pocket-sized device provides a cost-effective, non-invasive way for 20-somethings to begin their anti-ageing skincare routines.

The easy-to-use device harnesses powerful radio frequency technology to effectively tone and tighten the complexion. Using gentle heat, the device stimulates the skin cells in the dermis layer to rebuild collagen fibres and restructure the skin. This often results in immediate skin-tightening effects, and visible, long-lasting results can be seen in just 8 weeks.

The radio frequency technology is built upon popular in-clinic radio frequency technology, making it the most popular way to keep your complexion plump, firm and wrinkle-free. Plus, priced at 1224kr RRP, it’s the most cost-effective way to take preventative anti-ageing measures into your own hands.

Taking 20 minutes to complete a full facial treatment, you only need to use the device 2-3 times a week - meaning it’s the perfect low-maintenance option for retaining a smooth complexion without any help from the clinic.


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