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It’s a fancy word for a ‘vibration’ but what actually is Oscillation? And how is it used in skincare?

What is Oscillation?

In the simplest terms, Oscillation refers to the movement of something that is swinging or moving back and forth.

An Oscillating movement is one that move repeatedly from side to side or up and down between two points. In the health and beauty world, Oscillating technology is most famously found in the Clarisonic cleansing brushes and toothbrushes - mainly due to its ability to effectively remove dirt, grime and plaque.

Oscillation in Skincare

Most famously found in the Clarisonic cleansing brushes, the brand combines sonic frequency with gentle oscillation, moving the bristles over 300 times per second.

Though this may seem like a high amount of movement packed into a handheld device, the effect is incredibly gentle on the skin, making sure you get a truly deep cleanse without any abrasion.

This can be particularly effective for people with sensitive or uneven skin (such as those suffering from acne or scarring), as it can effortlessly cleanse away dirt and debris without compromising the integrity of the skin’s surface.

The latest generation of smart Clarisonic devices allow you to supercharge your skincare treatments with a range of different brush heads.

Our product expert says…

When it comes to skincare, oscillation technology really does all the hard work for you. Simply switch out the brush heads as you move through your skincare routine to cleanse, massage and apply your favourite products to perfection.

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