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CapillusPlus Hair Regrowth Laser Cap

Use lasers to regrow your hair

Betyg 4.8 av 5
Baserat på 34 recensioner

CapillusPlus Hair Regrowth Laser Cap

Use lasers to regrow your hair

Betyg 4.8 av 5
Baserat på 34 recensioner

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  • Hair regrowth cap with 2.5x more lasers for better results
  • More than double the laser energy of the CapillusUltra and still FDA-cleared
  • Auto-programmed sessions for easy treatments
  • No negative side effects and no pain
  • Discreet silicone treatment cap fits under most hats
  • See results within 3 months after daily 6-minute treatments

2 Year Warranty Official Capillus Retailer
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Low level laser light therapy (LLLT) is known to help hair regrowth for men and women. A discreet hair loss treatment that lets you save the hair you have and grow fuller, healthier-looking hair in just 6-minutes a day. Totally hands-free and effective with great results in 3-6 months, use it under your own cap for convenient and portable genetic hair loss treatments on the go!

Inkluderat i Paketet

  • CapillusPlus Laser Therapy Device
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Adhesive Belt Clip for Battery Pack
  • Universal AC Adapter with 4 international adapters
  • Capillus User Manual
  • Sports Cap
  • Lightweight Carrying Case
  • Accessories Pouch

Våra Skönhetsexperter är här för att hjälpa dig:

why it works

A popular and proven way to treat hair loss, low level laser light therapy (LLLT) stimulates hair regrowth in women and men. You'll form stronger hair follicles for thicker-looking hair. Plus LLLT doesn't just mask or hide your hair loss, it treats it without drugs or surgery. Use the cap anywhere for 6 minutes per day to treat hair loss with visible results as the silicone light cap fits under most sports hats and you can move about as normal while the treatment takes place. Enjoy faster results than the entry-level model with more than double the laser power!

it's as simple as

Step 1: Put the CapillusPlus device on your head with the provided - or your own - hat on top.

Step 2: Switch it on and pocket the battery pack. (When it's not on your head, the lasers will turn off.)

Step 3: Enjoy the 6-minute treatment as you go about your day.

Step 4: No need to switch off. The device is on a timer.

Step 5: Store in a cool, dry place or plug into the AC charger.

Note: You may have some shedding. This is normal in the first 3 months but it will stop.

seeing is believing

Check out the results for yourself. With just six minutes of use per day, see life changing results in 3-6 months.

make it personal

Treat your genetic hair loss without sacrificing your style. Wear nearly any hat over the silicone CapillusPlus for discreet hair loss treatments without the clinic. After your 6-minute treatment time is up, the device will turn itself off. So, feel free to go about your day as normal. You will see fuller hair and less shedding within 6 months.

Capillus Laser Caps - What's the difference?

The biggest difference between each cap is the number of laser diodes. The more diodes in a Capillus Laser Cap, the denser its scalp coverage. More hair follicles are targeted, helping achieve denser, fuller therapeutic treatments and better results over time.

CapillusUltra is an economical and practical solution. Ideal for someone in the early stages of hair loss or hair thinning, this hair loss device has 82 laser diodes.

Powerful and affordable, CapillusPlus has 202 laser diodes and is a mid-range hair loss device. In addition, its coverage is 2.5 more than CapillusUltra.

CapillusPro is a premium hair loss device with 272 laser diodes that offer the densest scalp coverage considered professional-grade. The strongest home-use device by Capillus, you may experience results faster than other Capillus devices.

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Additional Information


Laser Type: 5 mW

Wavelength: 650 nm

Output Mode: Continuous Wave

Please note that our regular size caps fit most heads, with a head circumference of up to 24". If your head circumference is greater than 24" inches please contact customer service for ordering a larger size.

If it is necessary to clean the surfaces of your Capillus®️ laser therapy cap, please follow these instructions. Note: the Capillus®️ laser therapy cap has no parts that can be serviced by the user. If service is required, contact Capillus, LLC.


To clean the Capillus®️ laser therapy cap, gently wipe the inner surface of the laser device with an alcohol wipe or a water-moistened cloth. Do not use excessive pressure or force as this may damage the unit.

DO NOT use acetone or any other solvents on any part of the device. Acetone and other solvents will damage the unit and void the warranty.

Please refer to your manual for details.

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I have been using the cap for about 2 months but sadly I have not seen any new growth yet. Still hopeful

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