Can orgasms help save the earth?

by Carly Hibbins

• 23 June 2021

WOMANIZER thinks so. They’ve launched the first-ever sex toy created from sustainable, renewable materials - PREMIUM eco. And, for each one sold, they’ll plant a tree in a local east-African community too. So who is this brand and why do they care if your orgasm is organic? Can orgasms help save the earth? We’ll find out below.


When Michael Lenke and his partner saw a gap in the sex toy market for products that feel good AND do good; they created WOMANIZER. Born to make sex toys inclusive and modern, they launched with a groundbreaking device offering no-contact clitoral stimulation and they’ve not looked back. With the latest device, the PREMIUM eco, WOMANIZER is tapping into a new market: the organic orgasm. Not satisfied with simple measures like reducing packaging waste and seeking out eco-friendly alternatives, WOMANIZER has designed a sex toy with the earth in mind.

What is an organic orgasm?

It’s the pleasure that comes from a sex toy that considers the environment in every step, from design to manufacturing, to when a customer buys it.

It starts with the tree planted in your honour in Uganda as part of their social initiative. Then it continues with construction from ethically sourced materials. It is wrapped up in a conscious way to reduce excess packaging. And it finishes with a casing of biodegradable Biolene instead of the cheap ABS plastic in most sex toys. Overall, the splashproof PREMIUM eco from WOMANIZER is designed to be recycled too. Just pop out the battery and recycle as normal. Safe, effective and powerful; this new toy has 12 intensity levels to ensure your first organic orgasm.

Why plant a tree?

Before you ever experience your first organic orgasm with the help of the PREMIUM eco, you’ll reduce the device’s carbon footprint. WOMANIZER’s work with One Tree Planted in Paicho, Uganda also helps to improve the livelihoods of the local population and encourage their self-sufficiency. With your purchase, you’re enabling the upward momentum of other women and giving back to the environment. And, when you’ve used the very last charge on the reusable battery, the PREMIUM eco can be disassembled and recycled. This further reduces the strain on landfills and help prevent our waste from ending up on foreign soil.

Are other devices available?

Absolutely. As a sex tech company, WOMANIZER offers a complete range of clitoral stimulators. Find intense pleasure through cutting-edge sex toys. Shop by features like intensity, silent running or portability. Or take the lead from celebrities and enjoy LIBERTY BY LILY ALLEN.

Ready to try the PREMIUM eco for yourself and support the green economy with your first organic orgasm? Buy it here.

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